Stephanie Jeannot – “Love Is The Matter”

Stephanie Jeannot was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She has been singing since she was six years old in the Catholic Church. John Mueller was born in Toledo, OH and raised in the Midwest. His first instrument was piano however he has since moved to the bass. Both are performing artists who share their art worldwide. Both are songwriters who use their talents to share their experiences. 

Jeannot and Mueller were drawn together on social media because of their love of music. Together they explored the idea of putting together a musical project with hopes to create a release they can both be proud of (and they sure did!)

“Love is the Matter” is the first single off the forthcoming album The Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller Project.  “Love is the Matter” is a profound integration of two diverse minds, promoting peace and lifting voices up for the victims of racial injustice, hatred, discrimination, socioeconomic inequality and intimidation. The string of words featured in this song promotes respect for people from all walks of life.

Through the experience of travelling around the world and being exposed to different ethnicities, identities and faiths, it truly opened their minds to the similarities and differences of people all over the planet. To be received with open arms after going a great distance to get to another country brought the reality that there is room in the world for everybody and there should be care for each other for the good of humanity. It brought an awareness of the effects of music and how it draws a sense of community. 

“Love is the Matter” is a funk/fusion track with a message for change at its core. The deep groove of Mueller’s bass line over the textures of the Rhodes, gives the song a serious, cryptic vibe. Less is more was the whole concept that made the song pulsate. Jeannot brings her own flair to it with her soaring vocals, piano and strings that really makes the track a serious bop. 

Overall, “Love is the Matter” is a unifying anthem that relays the message of a change that is needed for the world, that has been long overdue.

Listen to “Love Is The Matter” by Stephanie Jeannot and John Mueller on Spotify. You can also follow Stephanie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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