Bobbo Byrnes – “Queen Of The Party”

Bobbo Byrnes is a singer/songwriter. On June 19th 2020, he released his debut album “Seagreennumber5”. In this article, we’ll be focusing on one track from the album titled “Queen of The Party”, the first on the release.

As the track kicks off you can hear all sorts, plenty of acoustic guitar, lap steel and there’s a mandolin doing some cool stuff. “Queen Of The Party” doesn’t waste no time in kicking off. Bobbo’s vocals remind us of Tom Petty for sure, which is a nice touch. As the track moves forward, other elements are added too.

The structure of the tune keeps our attention. It doesn’t lose any of its flow and none of it feels forced. There’s a part where we think it’s winding down (around the two-minute-forty-seconds part) but it doesn’t, a nice bit of a musical tease. This is a well-produced piece of music. The mix is good too, as we listen through headphones every space is filled. What we can only describe as an audible hug. Definitely a track for a road-trip.

“Queen of The Party” is a good start to an album, a calm one at that. It’s a well put together piece of music that’s for sure. A nice easing listening experience for fans of all genres.

Listen to “Queen of The Party” by Bobbo Byrnes on Spotify. You can follow him on Instagram and be sure to check out his official website.

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