Marquette King – “Lose Control”

Marquette King is a self-proclaimed “pop-hop” (a mixture of pop and hip-hop) artist originally from Georgia but now based in Scottsdale, AZ. His passion for music was brought to a halt when his sports career began to kick off. King started his professional career as an NFL punter, playing for the Oakland Raiders and later the Denver Broncos. Sadly, he sustained an injury and as a result, King has been working hard on his music.

On November 16th 2018, Marquette King released a single titled “Lose Control”. Since that time, the track has been streamed over 150,000 times on Spotify alone.

“Lose Control” is true to Marquette King’s form. It is a fine blend between the boundaries of pop and hip-hop. There are plenty of areas within the track that we can picture this track blaring in the background of gyms or even on playlists for those on an intense workout. This short but sweet track (running at just under three minutes) is choc-full of energy. A very well produced piece of music, executed with great proficiency.

Check out “Lose Control” by Marquette King on Spotify. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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