Cowboyaloha – “Sundownblue”

Cowboyaloha is an indie-Americana band out of New England. They consist of Jordie Nicholson (vocals and guitar), Josh Hausman (on drums) and Jared Schmidt (violin).  The group is based out of Hartford, CT and formed in January, 2020.  Since Cowboyaloha’s inception, three tracks have been released. Their latest release is a double single consisting of “Sundownblue” and “Half a Mile”.

“Sundownblue” by Cowboyaloha sounds different to many in the indie-Americana genre. There’s a lot of great sonic textures throughout the track. At no point, while listening to this track, did we feel it lost any momentum or feeling. There’s plenty of that in this track.

Cowboyaloha has really nailed this. The mix is just superb. The tele-tone of the guitar really cuts through and gives the song so much character. If you really listen, there’s a lot in the background that gives this a great foundation which provides a great listening experience.


It is really remarkable that such a new group has already found their sound in such a polished way. Bravo Cowboyaloha, we’ll be looking forward to what you do next!

Listen to “Sundownblue” by Cowboyaloha on Spotify. Be sure to follow them on Instagram!

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