Aubrey Fry – “Hard!”

Aubrey Fry has been a DJ since 1996 after his mum bought him John Digweed’s seminal mix album, Renaissance: The Mix Collection, Part 2. His journey took him from his bedroom, to Brighton where he properly cut his DJing teeth, with regular spots in clubs like the Ocean Rooms, Escape and Funky Buddha Lounge. He soon became a resident for hedonistic, multi-genre club night Stompaphunk. On July 7th 2020, Aubrey released a double single titled “Hard!” which also features his track “Topaz”.

“Hard!” provides a rollercoaster of a listening experience. Here, Aubrey demonstrates his musical prowess with a stunning degree of efficiency. As we listen, we find ourselves entranced. There truly is never a dull moment here, with elements that sound carefully placed throughout the track. Even for those who aren’t particularly into this will find something that will grab their attention. For this track, the run time seems perfect. This is a very well produced piece of music – that’s for sure.

The second track on this double sonic whammy is “Topaz!”. While, at first glance, it is a longer track – it flows with confidence and carries itself gracefully. The journey Aubrey puts the listener on is worthwhile and incredibly satisfactory. Moments in this track will almost certainly be stuck with you for days to come.

Overall “Hard!” is a carefully, but well produced release. The production on these tracks is truly outstanding. Both tracks have their own character yet share a common sound. This is Aubrey Fry’s sound. Marvellous.

Listen to “Hard!” by Aubrey Fry on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud!

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