Georgia Parker – “Coated Blue”

British singer-songwriter, Georgia Parker has been a performer and songwriter since age 12, drawing inspiration from artists like Jeff Buckley and Phoebe Bridgers. Her first EP “Too Far Gone” was released in 2019. Parker released her brand new three-track EP titled “Coated Blue” on July 24th 2020.

The first track on “Coated Blue” is “How About That?”, what can only be a five minute (or so) epic. While listening to the track, we notice it’s not preachy in it’s lyrics and it certainly doesn’t lose momentum. Around each corner the song ventures past, there’s something new to notice that is quite captivating. Subtle textures in the background, layered vocals and incredible chord progression. This track has it all.

Track two is “Rusty”. A lot of range here, demonstrating Parker’s vocal prowess. The song builds up with a lot of feeling. As we listen we can hear a sense of familiarity, sounds that we you could probably find if you just switched on a radio. The difference here is that Parker completely owns it, this is her sound. Any good musician will always draw influences, not always to imitate, but to expand on their sound – exactly what it seems that Parker has gone and done here. “Rusty” is an absolutely marvellous track.

Georgia Parker

Finally, we have “Lonely Stranger”. This song opens up with some beautiful acoustic tones panned either side to the mix, Parker’s right there front and centre. The track wastes absolutely no time cutting to the chase. “Lonely Stranger” stands out from the mix, with the piano and sax providing a different kind of sound – a much jazzier feel. This may well be folk, but Georgia Parker is redefining it.

Overall “Coated Blue” is an excellent release, mix and mastered to outstanding effect. Anyone listening to this release will certainly find a pleasant listening experience that is soft and yet so powerful to the ears. We certainly look forward to hearing more from Georgia Parker.

You can listen to “Coated Blue” by Georgia Parker by visiting this link. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud!

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