Teserac – “The Corner”

Teserac is the music project of guitarist Joaquín Belmonte Gracia. The name was chosen to reflect the influence and contributions of other musicians, it was also the name of Joaquín’s studio. The first release was on March 1st 2016 with the self-titled album “Teserac”. On July 9th 2020, Teserac released a brand new five-track EP titled “The Corner”.

The EP kicks off with “Rage & Hope”. The track wastes no time in kicking off, a catchy riff catches our ears. It is confident in every note that is played. Not a single second is wasted in this track, there’s always something happening that will capture your attention. A slight change of pace occurs around 1:18 that turns into a fantastic moment in this track. Joaquín’s phrasing and tone in this is nothing short of brilliant. With a great finish, this is an excellent start to this release.

Next up is “You”, a beautiful start with killer tone. A softer, mellower track to begin with but it completely builds up to a big sound. The go big option happens here, and no one is going home – that’s for certain. As the track moves along, there’s some great textures added along the way. This track is a journey and you’ll want to ride shotgun for it. Excellent finger picking technique and a great contrast in tones from the guitar. “You” is a masterfully composed track.

“Fast Breakthrough” is track three, a very upbeat start. No moment is the same on “The Corner”, clearly – and we’re all the better for it! A marvellous use of delay with precision and control. If you listen very carefully, you will notice the arsenal of sound that is layered to almost every part of the mix. This track is the shortest one on the EP but it’s timing feels perfect.

Track four is “Winter Is Coming”. Every musician knows one guitar player who tries to compose something like this, however almost all fall short. Teserac, however, has nailed it entirely. “Winter Is Coming” is choc full of feeling and emotion, with every note played – this is very clear. A gentle, soft ending. Utterly beautiful.

Finally we have “Inside Out”. This track begins with a phenomenal intro. Audible elements just layered all over the place that come together in such a meaningful and profound way. Not a moment falls out of place throughout, there’s a cool moment in the middle where it all calms down. The synth at this point sounds fantastic and works extremely well underneath the guitar. It picks up and absolutely kicks off again, soaring high and mighty. The EP finishes as it started, strong.

Wow. What a release. There’s not much more we could possibly say about “The Corner” other than it’s an exquisitely produced, efficiently composed, exceptionally polished release. The tracks just flow perfectly one after the other. This is an EP that will knock your socks off!

Listen to “The Corner” by Teserac on Spotify. Be sure to follow their Instagram, Facebook and check out their official website!

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