Jay Stott – “Wreckage of Now”

Jay Stott is a musician based out of Colorado. In 2016, he released his first album titled “Dirt & Heartache”. Some time has since passed and on May 29th 2020, Jay released a brand new album titled “Wreckage of Now”. We took a listen to it, and here’s what we think!

“Wreckage of Now” is a representation of Jay’s development as a musician. As the minutes pass, the tracks flow from one after the other. The album features great tracks such as the titular track and “Never Learned How To Dance” just to name a couple. There are many great moments which truly bring Jay’s vision to life, plenty of tasty licks and fast riffs in this southern rock-esque journey.

On the whole, the album is beautifully polished. The songs are clearly well produced and thought out. Textures are layered on each composition which provide a wealth of depth and really add to the listening experience. Jay achieves classic sounds with a modern touch (take a listen to “All Night Long”, trust us).

We heartedly recommend Jay Stott’s album “Wreckage of Now”, perfect for fans of rock, country and anything else in between!

You can listen to “Wreckage of Now” by Jay Stott on Spotify. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter and check out his official website!

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