Kossi Bruno releases “One Heart, Vol. 1”!

Kossi Bruno is a songwriter, artist and music producer from Birmingham, UK. Bruno’s distinctive music style is primarily within the gospel genre and his sound fuses a fine blend of afrobeat rhythm with smooth soul. A sound, that Kossi makes his own.

On August 5th 2020, Kossi released “One Heart, Vol. 1”. A single that brings together a number of featured artists from across the globe. The track itself is a beautifully produced piece of music that boasts a range of sounds which makes for a very nice listening experience.

The song’s theme at its core is one about change. “One Heart” is more than just music, it’s also a movement with a focus to promote love and unity at a time when societies are so divided. Speaking about it, Kossi said:

“We’re not just waiting or trusting people of authority to bring the change, when the people of the general public come out, we can make the change.”

In these testing times, following global issues of concern such as Black Lives Matter, it is vital – now more than ever, that we win the battle against division. One Heart seeks to consistently fight against such and ensure the conversation doesn’t stop once the news reports or protests stop.

To find out more about the movement, follow @oneheartmovement on Instagram.

“One Heart, Vol. 1” by Kossi Bruno is available now on Spotify. Follow him on Instagram and be sure to check out his official website!

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