RX – “Epilogue”

RX is an artist based in Seattle, Washington. He’s spent his life playing in bars and wineries; and for a short time lived in LA to collaborate, write, and meet with several agencies/labels. Finally on August 7th 2020, he released his first album “Epilogue”.

The ten-track album presents a wide array of RX’s abilities, not just in terms of performance but song-writing too. No two songs sound the same and that can only be a positive thing, albums should take the listener on a journey and with “Epilogue” this is achieved. Much of the sound does have a modern ‘west-coast’ kind of vibe, this is pretty obvious – one example is definitely the opening track “Reckless”.

Our only qualm with this album is it’s all rather mid-tempo and/or slow. There are times, such as with “Closure” and “Superstar” where we thought we were to be treated to some kind of big-energy/big-sound moment(s) but it never happened.

Despite this “Epilogue” by RX is a wonderfully produced album, this is certainly one that we believe most, if not all, music lovers can really sink their teeth into. It’s cool with the wide range of textures in almost every track that he’s definitely refined and honed in his sound since his 2015 debut single “Far and Few Between”.

We look very much forward to seeing what RX does next!

You can listen to “Epilogue” by RX on Spotify. Be sure to follow him on Instagram, Facebook and visit his official website!

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