Hold Me Hostage – “Real Anymore”

Hold Me Hostage is a rock band out of Denver, Colorado. The group is made up of Christopher Thomas (lead vocals), Bryan Stacks (bass/keys/vocals), Patrick Searcy (on guitar), Jace Hill (also on guitar and vocals) and James Opiteck (drums). They released their latest album “Methods for Withdrawal” on August 8th 2020. We took a listen to the first track “Real Anymore” and here’s what we thought!

The song kicks off the entire album with great efficiency. The track flows perfectly in that, it never misses a moment. Our attention was never lost throughout. Hold Me Hostage has clearly taken great care with this track and indeed the album as a whole. Their sound is massive and it works extremely well to bring their vision to life.

“Real Anymore” is an impressively produced piece of music. Mixed and mastered with true precision. For all fans of rock, this is a song and indeed a band you won’t want to miss!

Listen to “Real Anymore” by Hold Me Hostage on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and be sure to visit their official website!

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