Coldswell – “Dark Eyes”

Coldswell is an alternative/shoegaze band from Cleveland, Ohio. June 21st 2019 saw the release of their album “Void Calls”, the album has seen the band enjoy a good amount of spins on Spotify. We took a listen to their track “Dark Eyes” and here’s what we thought!

“Dark Eyes” kicks off bold. A killer riff carries this song. The overall sound is very big, certainly the music is. When it comes to the vocals, they do sound impressive but you’ve got to listen very carefully because they aren’t very high in the mix. While the overall mix sounds good, we just wish the vocals were clearer, every other element drowns them out. You can hear them properly about 2:32, when everything calms down before totally kicking off at 3:15.

Overall “Dark Eyes” is a good tune, a very “underground” sounding track. We were pleasantly satisfied with it and no doubt you will be too! As big as the track sounded, we wish it was bigger but we’re fairly certain Coldswell has a long and winding career ahead of them!

Listen to “Dark Eyes” by Coldswell on Spotify. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and visit their official website!

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