Liam Moore – “Visions of a Perfect Life”

Liam Moore released his first album in 2010. Since that time he’s been writing classical compositions for choirs and chamber ensembles. On August 28th 2020 he will be dropping his latest album “Visions of a Perfect Life”!

The upcoming ten track album will contain tracks that will almost certainly blow your mind. Usually when an artist takes such a while between albums, it is often a hit or miss – but with “Visions of a Perfect Life” you will hear the journey Liam has taken to expand and diversify his own sound.

As each track rolls one after the other, we can clearly hear how hard Liam worked on these tunes. Truly these are finely cut diamonds, musically speaking of course. Once this comes out, the only way is up for Liam Moore!

When the album comes out on August 28th, look out for tracks such as “Cottonwood” and “Imbalances” – these are just clear examples of how far Liam has come since his 2010 album. This is certainly one release to watch out for.

“Visions of a Perfect Life” will be out soon! Pre-save the album on Spotify. Be sure to follow Liam on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Apple Music and visit his official website!

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