Camp Century – “Paopu”

Camp Century is a pop band from Phoenix, Arizona. Lead vocalist, producer and songwriter Dylan Helms started “Camp Century” in 2019. Known for energetic and captivating live performances in the Phoenix area, Camp Century released their first singles in 2019. The band’s rabid fanbase spurred radio stations in the United States and Europe to introduce the band to their listeners. Camp Century is also a musical platform and collaborative outlet which supports other artists.

On August 28th 2020, they released a three-track EP titled “Paopu”. The titular track is first of the three, followed by “Kokoro” and “Things That I Feel”.

The release as a whole features very solid pieces of music. “Paopu” contains, what can only be described as Camp Century’s best yet. It is a progressive EP with each track not only growing longer, but also in terms of what happens within each. While the titular track is short in length, it does not disappoint. The band clearly thought long and hard about how to showcase each of these tracks, with great effect.

Overall, this is a release which many musicians will take note of as more and more become aware of it. Perhaps seeking to draw inspiration. For now though, we heartedly recommend taking a listen to the release and taking a moment to realise what you’re listening to. Truly a game-changer.

Listen to “Paopu” by Camp Century on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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