Nitefall and ChillBazaar – “Wish I Knew”

Nitefall is an artist from Toronto, Canada. On September 20th 2020, he collaborated with duo ChillBazaar to release the track “Wish I Knew”. What did we think of it? Here goes!

“Wish I Knew” is an incredibly impressive track, running at just shy of four minutes. The groove is definitely a hook with this track. This is certainly pop – but not as we’ve known before. A lot of thought and care has gone into this track, you can feel it with every element that passes. “Wish I Knew” is mixed and mastered to utter perfection, we had to listen to it twice!

Nitefall and ChillBazaar have really done well with this track. We very much look forward to hearing what they do next together. This is one which we would certainly recommend for a drive in the night. A lot of hope and positivity in one track, a very good one at that.

Listen to “Wish I Knew” by Nitefall and ChillBazaar on Spotify. Follow Nitefall on Facebook and Instagram.

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