Disappear Here – “Tell Me Who I Am”

Disappear Here is a project by artist Aaron Shaw, he comes from an area with a wealth of musical heritage – North London. September 25th 2020 saw the release of the self-titled debut album “Disappear Here”, which followed from the September 9th release of the first track from the album “Tell Me Who I Am”. To date, the album has achieved over 10,000 streams on Spotify with “Tell Me Who I Am” clocking in over four thousand. We took a listen and here’s what we thought!

Disappear Here – “Tell Me Who I Am” Lyric Video (Courtesy of YouTube)

As the track begins, it’s clear that Aaron doesn’t mess around. “Tell Me Who I Am” gets straight to the point and immediately we recognised that this is rock – but not as we’ve known. The track flows remarkably smoothly and every element and texture layered around the mix really sits well, providing for a very enjoyable listening experience.

The sound of Disappear Here is clear for all to hear, the drums sound superb. They’re trying to be something from the 1980s, oh no. Very cleverly, the way this sound is produced is exactly what music is all about – taking the good and bringing it forward to now. Aaron’s vocals shine throughout the track and his lyrics paint a beautiful and meaningful picture with the scenes he conveys.

Aaron Shaw

Not only was “Tell Me Who I Am” the lead, and only, single from the album – but it also provides a strong start too. No doubt that once people will hear this, they’ll want to hear more – as we did.

Listen to “Tell Me Who I Am” by Disappear Here on Spotify. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp!

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