Jeffrey Halford and The Healers – “Devil Is Our Man”

Jeffrey Halford is a singer/songwriter and guitarist originally from Dallas, Texas. For a quarter of a century he has been touring the USA with his band The Healers. On September 25th 2020, they debuted a brand new single titled “Devil Is Our Man”. What did we think? Here goes!

Immediately the slide tone Jeffrey’s achieved we’re pretty certain is, alone, enough to make even Ry Cooder blush! There are elements throughout this track that sound like it’s come straight from a Black Crowes record, but Jeffrey adds his own style to it – making this sound truly his. The lyrics are very cleverly written and in true blues/rock fury it delivers the goods!

The track is a beautifully mixed and mastered piece of audible art, a groove that carries the song, a beat that means business with every hit (and no misses!). Not one moment in “Devil Is Our Man” does it lose energy and passion. Truly, Jeffrey Halford has a hit on his hands and The Healers are a tremendous force to be reckoned with.

Do your ears a favour and check out this sonic flavour!

Listen to “Devil Is Our Man” by Jeffrey Halford and The Healers on Spotify.

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