The Pierce Project – “Songs for Emi”

The Pierce Project is back! Their album “Songs for Emi” (or on Spotify, “Songs for Emylia”) was released on August 23rd 2020. We’ve previously covered them and their track “Vanilla Parfait”. We’ve delved fully into their album and here’s what we thought!

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There are many examples of concept albums released throughout time which paint a story, for “Songs for Emi” it’s pretty clear from the get go what it is all about. There’s no interpretation to be had here, it’s sitting right in front of you. With this album there are some, interesting, tracks such as “Oh Banana” which appears to be a love-letter to a banana. We’re not sure what “Brainwave Shutdown” is trying to shutdown, it sounds like if The Beach Boys attempted to be Punk?.

The vocal harmonies are cool, they sound really nice in some parts in different tracks but it doesn’t sound like they are part of the mix. Almost as though the tracks were done and then the vocals slapped on top of the mix, then it was released. The drums, though very much in time – pretty solid, sound MIDI rather than live (but we aren’t sure if that’s how they were mixed). Acoustic guitars sound pretty much as you’d expect from this kind of genre. We recognise that these days, distortion is an art and where we think we hear them in “Brainwave Shutdown”, it just sounds out of place entirely.

We completely recognise that a lot of hard work and passion went into “Songs for Emi” however the Pierce Project really fell short in terms of the overall sound quality of what this album set out to achieve. If this was a release of Demos on Soundcloud, we’d totally understand and especially in these times where most artists can’t afford to head to a studio and get a top engineer to mix and master their tracks, this was probably the best outcome.

Listen to “Songs for Emi” by The Pierce Project on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out their official website.

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One thought

  1. Good review….we may have tried beach boys, punk and Simon and Garfunkel (keep the customer satisfied)…with a tip to S.O.S. with brainwave shutdown. And always looking to get better with the mixing and mastering. Thanks for the listen!

    The Pierce Project


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