Cody Lee – “New Normal”

Cody Lee is an artist based out of Chicago, USA. October 9th 2020 saw the release of his fourth album (according to Spotify) titled “Woodpecker Crisis”. We took a listen to the first track from the album titled “New Normal” and here’s what we thought.

The track gets off straight to the point, you’ve got a good beat with some added percussion. There’s a cool little guitar riff guiding through the verses with some brass (which sounds kind-of MIDI, but it just about works). The lyrics are what you’d probably guess they’d be “not a big fan of now” really hits home. In the choruses there’s some cool background textures laid out to really build up the energy.

“New Normal” is a pretty chill tune, it doesn’t lift off to great heights but really if you need something to mellow out with a coffee or a whiskey (depending on what time of day it is) this track fits that vibe. Upon first listen, there was definitely a neo-Floyd vibe but Cody’s vocals reminded us of Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) so there’s that blend of sound on top of this unique composition.

Overall, this track is a pretty good effort and definitely worth a spin or two.

Listen to “New Normal” by Cody Lee on Spotify. Be sure to check out his official website!

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