Jason Chaffee – “River to Row”

Jason Chaffee is an American singer/songwriter. On August 29th 2020, he released a single titled “River To Row”. We delved into this track and here’s what we thought!

As soon as this track began we knew Jason means business! That guitar is played with feeling and you can hear it. That beat comes in with the synth texture and wow! It’s popping. The chord progression in the pre-chorus really sets up for a very satisfying take off for the chorus before building down for another verse.

“River To Row” has been masterfully produced, you can hear it in every second that passes in the track run-time. The way those drums are mixed in is a seriously great selling point to this track alone. Jason’s voice fits this track beautifully and he executes each lyric with great timing and did we mention he means business? If you didn’t agree with us before, you should do by the end of the track. Such feeling, felt in every bar of the composition.

Bravo Jason, this is killer – no filler!

Do your ears a favour and listen to “River To Row” by Jason Chaffee on Spotify (immediately, don’t wait). Follow Jason on Facebook, Instagram and support him on Bandcamp! Visit his official website.

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