Stephen Jacques – “When I Fell In Love With You”

Stephen Jacques is one half of “Box of Moxie” alongisde Alan Weatherhead. Box of Moxie (or Stephen, we’re not exactly sure) is set to release a brand new album titled “Charmed to Death” on January 1st 2021. We’ve been sent a track from the album titled “When I Fell In Love With You”, we listened and here’s what we thought…

Okay, so when this started rolling – we were pretty taken aback with the distorted tones from the start. Once things actually started, we really appreciated the Tame Impala/Beatles vibe of the chord progression and indeed the wider tones coming through musically speaking. We can’t ignore the fact however that the vocals really don’t do this track any justice. From the angle of the lyrics, they’re okay. They aren’t over-the-top or cheesy (maybe just a little bit, but it works).

“When I Fell In Love With You” is not an easy track to get into once the vocals kick in, they fall short in such a way that is quite off-putting. The nice thing about this track is the modern take of a 60s ballad. But really that’s about it. Quite a disappointing track.

We appreciate the time and effort it took to produce, compose, record, mix and master this track but it’s simply not good.

You’ll be able to listen to this track once it releases in December 2020, follow Box of Moxie on Spotify to hear it upon release. You can follow Stephen and/or Box of Moxie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and visit Box of Moxie’s website.

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