Dizzy Box Nine – “Radio Fiction”

Dizzy Box Nine is an indie-alt-rock band out of Southern California. The band was created by singer-guitarist Randy Ludwig in the summer of 2016, and features guitarist Tony Robles and drummer Amos Przekaza. On November 13th 2020, the band released their latest album “Radio Fiction”. Here’s what we thought!

“Radio Fiction” kicks off with “Show Me Everything That You Are”, something that sounds like it would be something from a teen movie in the 90s (could we say roots post-punk?). Don’t get us wrong, for the most part the production quality of this album is pretty good – our only qualm is the lead tone on the guitar is pretty weak compared to the rest. Don’t forget, distortion is an art. The next couple of tracks play through with the same kind of energy until “20 Seconds”, with this track there’s a big elephant in the room – the vocals don’t fit the music. Out of tune and kinda buried in the mix here. “I Feel Alright” recovers from this pretty well.

“I Won’t Let You Down” makes a turn away from the other upbeat tracks, the mix doesn’t do it justice. It needs to be bigger – the drums need to be fatter and punchier, also just a smidge of space would be perfect (reverb anyone?). We can hear it’s potential but the end result released here just sounds like a demo version. “Yeah You” sounds pretty much the same as most of the other tracks. “My Last Day” is up to finish. Now as this goes along to finish, more is added and there’s just too much which just gets lost. Again, a lot of potential in this track but it’s lost.

Overall “Radio Fiction” would pass with flying colours as a demo album, but as it stands it falls ever so short. A lot of potential here with enough time and production could’ve been much, much better.

Listen to “Radio Fiction” by Dizzy Box Nine on Spotify. You can follow them on Facebook and be sure to check out their official website.

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