Blind Uncle Harry – “Christmas Day In Australia”

Blind Uncle Harry is BACK for the holidays! We’ve covered his music before on Call That Music? This time he’s released a new track titled “Christmas Day In Australia” on November 19th 2020 via YouTube. We took a gander/listen and here’s what we thought!

If you weren’t sure how he was going to highlight Australia, well you’ll know it as soon as the track starts rolling! If this popped up on autoplay and you weren’t paying attention you’d know this was Blind Uncle Harry immediately or if you were unfamiliar with his previous work “what the bloody hell was that?”. His vocals are once again flat in places that are pretty inexcusable given the amount of tools available to patch it here and there. If he’s going for a sort of un-polished “hey put this in a Netflix series” vibe, well this comes close. There’s parts which remind us of the chorus “Comfortably Numb”, we’re not sure if this was intentional or not but it didn’t take long for us to notice.

The track has this “rolling train” vibe thanks in part to the prominent acoustic guitar, that never changes throughout the entirety of this song until the end. Now we notice that in the background there’s a whole lot of slide guitar going on, but the problem with this is that in places it fits but in other places it feels totally out of place and distracts from whatever else is going on.

In the music video, the main character is revealed to be (assumedly) Blind Uncle Harry. Given the name of the character, it is truly a Christmas miracle the fact he is able to spot the present, read the label on it, open it, watch the video, smoke, put novelty antlers on his dog and pay good attention to his surroundings enough to cook dinner on what we guess was a stove with no assistance or anyone else present at all! Perhaps the “Blind” label to this character is the fact that he appears to have a significant drinking problem.

Back to the music itself – we feel that there’s a lot of potential to this if perhaps there was some degree of collaboration with other writers and/or producers. These days, there is a common desire for an artist to be the one who “does it all” – this is not always possible and in Blind Uncle Harry’s case it barely works.

You can listen to “Christmas Day In Australia” by Blind Uncle Harry on YouTube. You can follow him on Facebook and be sure to visit his Bandcamp and official website!

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