Calhuis – “XO”

We believe that Calhuis is a duo, not much is known about them as there’s no bio on their website. There’s very little on their Facebook page, their Twitter account (from their website) has been suspended and there’s nothing on their Instagram. So we’ve got no idea who this is but we do know they released a track on November 27th 2020 titled “XO”. We took a listen and here’s what we thought!

The track begins with a bunch of voice clips of “talk to the girl” (we guess). Some guitar is played with a very familar sound before that gets sent right to the back of the mix and given the deficit of information about Calhuis, we’re not sure if this is some kind of parody or not. The vocals are pretty good, but the lyrical content is somewhat questionable (to put it mildly). “We gonna f*** tonight”, “Girl just give it to me” later it’s “keep this between us” – had us raise a few eyebrows.

With regards to the music itself, it’s brilliantly mixed and mastered but the composition and production of the track can only be described as “musical anarchy”. Changes between sections are pretty clear but the form of the track isn’t quite clear. A hypothesis for this is perhaps there was some sort of desire to make this short enough to be played on radio (we do wonder what the clean version of this would sound like). What we’re saying it, it’s messy and it feels rushed.

Listen to “XO” by Calhuis on Spotify. Find your way to follow them by visiting their official website!

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