Beemo – “Nova”

Beemo is a band from Orlando, Florida. They consist of Dan Harshbarger (lead vocals), Matt Juliano (mandolin), Sean Quinn (lead guitar), Justin JB Braun (percussion) and Tony Mickle (bass). On February 19th 2019, they released an album titled “Bustin’ Out”. According to the band’s official website, they describe their music as “a blend of indie rock, bluegrass and Celtic Folk”. In this article we’ll be reviewing their top track from the album titled “Nova”. We took a listen and here’s what we thought!

Official music video (courtesy of YouTube)

The track begins with a cool little build up, true to the band’s described sound. Though the first minute of this track reminds us of the early 80s post-punk scene in terms of compression and stylings so we guess there’s the indie rock influenced tone there. It’s a pleasant track alright, we could definitely hear it being in a TV show or a film that’s for sure. About two minutes in there kicks off a guitar solo played competently and with taste, following this it winds down a bit and we expect it to kick off but it teases a little further. The backing vocals are killer and the bass is right in the pocket.

“Nova” is an excellently produced, mixed and mastered track with hardly a fault to find on the first play through. Certainly if you are a fan of indie rock and are looking for something a little bit different but true to the taste then you’ll definitely enjoy this track by Beemo. The additional sound descriptors mentioned on the band’s website appear to be minimal but present enough to define their sound – even if just by a tiny bit.

Listen to “Nova” by Beemo on Spotify and be sure to check out the band’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and official website!

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