Gabriel Douglas – “Darker Still”

Gabriel Douglas is a singer-songwriter from the USA. On December 21st 2020 he will be releasing a brand new album titled “Darker Sill” – the release date was deliberately chosen to be the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, very clever! The upcoming release features Gabriel on vocals, guitar, keyboard and Kai Brewster on synth and keyboards. We’ve listened to the album and here’s what we think!

Sneak preview of “Hearts Want” from the upcoming album (Courtesy of YouTube)

“Darker Still” displays good vocals and some excellent acoustic guitar tones. Pretty much all of the tracks on the album (apart from “Dark” and “Morning’s Coming”) have the same vibe and feel. Gabriel’s vocals are very well done and the tracks are mixed with the same “live” effects which to us sound like they emulate recordings from a live show (minus the audience). The majority of the tracks have an almost Eddie Vedder quality to them, which is cool and works to great effect in Gabriel’s favour with this. “Darker Still” sounds more like an encapsulation of a moment rather than a journey of sound which, if that’s your thing – go for it. There are so many times whilst listening to this album that we thought the composition was going to kick off and have drums and bass adding much more to them.

Overall this album is good for those who enjoy a more stripped back listening experience. For us, we wish it went somewhere, it didn’t really move us all that much. If it wasn’t for the instrumental we’d have thought we were listening to the same song. “Darker Still” is clearly a very well done album with regards to the mixing and mastering but that’s just about it.

“Darker Still” by Gabriel Douglas will be available on December 21st 2020. You can pre-save the album by following this link. Follow Gabriel on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! You can also find him on Bandcamp.

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