Electric Peace – “Dinah Might”

Electric Peace is a band from Reseda, California. From the band’s beginnings in the 1980s to now, they’ve had a wild ride – that’s for sure! The band is fronted by Brian Kild and their sound can be defined as “Psychedelic Punk”. On July 5th 2020, they released a brand new single titled “Dinah Might”. The track would feature later on, as part of their EP “You’re Going To Hell” released on November 12th 2020.

Music video for “Dinah Might” (courtesy of YouTube)

The track kicks off with a great sounding twangy guitar. It doesn’t waste any time in getting started. You know Electric Peace means business, you get maximum exposure to their very sound in this surfer, psychedelic romp. “Dinah Might” brings together several genres and the band really makes this their own, you’ve got 60s surf, hints of 80s new wave lurking about in the background, all the while the band injects their punk attitude and performance to give it very unique sonic characteristics.

“Dinah Might” sounds HUGE. We’re all here for it. For this kind of track, it’s definitely a must. Balls-to-the-wall, hit-the-ground-running energy that is needed to sell this. They’ve nailed it. The bass sits perfectly and sounds great. Everything here is produced, mixed and mastered perfectly. Brian’s vocals are rough, but for these folks – it works!

Bravo Electric Peace, this is pretty good.

Listen to “Dinah Might” by Electric Peace on Spotify. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and visit their official website.

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