Deep Rivers – “Nothing Ever Happens To Me”

Deep Rivers is a folk/rock band from Montreal, Canada. On November 13th 2020 they released a brand new album titled “Nothing Ever Happens To Me”. We took a listen and here’s what we thought!

The flow of the album works very well, and in a number of tracks the band makes good use of the structure of the songs. Notably in, “No More Mister Nice Guy” the track goes from an acoustic folky standard sound to a more rocky/space vibe before returning – it’s moments like these throughout the album that really makes the album a unique listening experience. What we noticed as we listened through this was the fact that the band carefully crafted the track listing to ensure a good journey for the listener. “Maybe Someday” is a perfect album ender, nice one.

So what about the quality of the tracks? Listen to “When The Money’ Gone”. Superb hooks throughout and clearly mixed and mastered to perfection. You will find that for Deep Rivers, they have a fairly consistent quality throughout this album. Indeed, if you took the “folk/rock” literally you’d be wrong. We’d argue the band is more 30% folk, 70% rock – it’s not a bad thing at all because anything else would deny their unique take on the genre which is evident throughout “Nothing Ever Happens To Me”.

Overall, the album is a very soft listening experience – a nice ride as it were. “Nothing Ever Happens To Me” has a wide range of tracks to enjoy and we certainly enjoyed it as one track went into another before finally finishing. If you’re a fan of folk rock then you’d certainly enjoy this offering. We’d even go so far to say that even staunch Indie lovers would get a helluva kick out of this. A nice effort that sounds like it paid off quite nicely.

Listen to “Nothing Ever Happens To Me” by Deep Rivers on Spotify. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram. You can also visit their official website and Bandcamp!

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