Margaret Anne and the Rock It Man – “White Haze”

Margaret Anne is a singer songwriter from New South Wales, Australia. On February 5th 2021, she released a brand new double-single titled “White Haze” which also features an additional track titled “Cabin Boy”. We took a listen and here’s what we thought.

“White Haze” starts off pretty well, takes about a minute to build up and kick off. Margaret’s vocals are very nice – if you needed context about the lyrics take a look at the artwork. There’s a lot of cool elements throughout the track, piano, strings and other little audible textures scattered around. It picks up and actually goes somewhere, well the tune is seven and a half minutes long (almost) so it pretty much has to. Shave off most (or all) of that one minute intro and six minutes seems about right. Don’t get us wrong it’s a cool track but even with the changes its not a casual listen, you gotta be ready for it. The only other aspect we’d change is to lower the vocals just a smidge and get the drums a bit more punchier where it needs to be (the big choruses). Other than that it’s a pretty cool tune, just one of those you need to be in the mood for.

The other track “Cabin Boy” starts off very well. The way the drums sound reminds us of a couple of tunes from Chaka Khan’s album “Naughty” – so that’s an immediate A+ from us. Good groove too! Slide and funk? You betcha! Plenty here to enjoy musically, but the vocals don’t sound too in-place here. We totally get what’s trying to be accomplished here – it narrowly misses the mark. Some lyrics don’t fit the rhythm and there’s a LOT of potential for this track that doesn’t quite make it. As we say, it’s musically solid.

So overall, a decent effort from Margaret. Maybe a little more time spent working on these and other tunes and a whole album would probably have served better. No doubt there is a lot of work that has been done on the end result in terms of mixing and mastering, it does sound well done for the most part – except for vocals a bit too high up in the mix. Other than that, give it a go and see if you dig it. We kinda did.

Listen to “White Haze” by Margaret Anne and the Rock It Man on Spotify. Be sure to follow Margaret on Facebook, Instagram and visit her official website!

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