Blind Uncle Harry – “Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over”

Blind Uncle Harry is back, yet again, with a new tune. This time we’re greeted with “Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over” – if you aren’t sure about the context of this song, we really can’t help you. For those unfamiliar with the unique stylings of Blind Uncle Harry, you can read our previous articles here and here! We took a listen to this new tune and here’s what we thought…

Official music video (courtesy of YouTube)

If you’re familiar with Blind Uncle Harry’s previous work, then let us tell you that this is pretty much consistent with their style. The song runs around 4:25 – five seconds off. We’re not sure when this track was originally written because part of the lyrics focus on former President Barack Obama. In fact, from a number of spins, this is a pretty half-baked (pardon the pun) effort. The track is totally uninspiring, all over the place and it really, really doesn’t work. This is the kind of example people who are against “dope” would probably showcase to demonstrate the negatives.

The song is extremely difficult to listen to as a result of what can only be described as audible anarchy, sure – sometimes it’s okay to be loose when producing a track but this is so far out we’d be glad to see it drive off into the sunset never to be heard of again (permitting it was sober enough to do so).

The only version we could locate of this song was the official YouTube video (embedded above), the quality was somewhat – lacking at around 360p. In fact its so low quality, we’re certain it was filmed using a toaster (bar the stock footage which we hope they acquired the appropriate licence to use).

If this was a demo, fine – it can be worked on. However, it seems that this, really, is the official release. We’ve received very little information about the track so its hard to say for certain, though we’d gently suggest taking this back to the studio and giving it another few months of serious work. Far be it from us to tell the artist what to do, but this is really quite shocking.

You can listen to “Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over” by Blind Uncle Harry on YouTube. Follow them on Facebook, you also can visit their official website and Bandcamp.

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