Colt Sterk – “Grandpa’s Truck”

Colt Sterk is a country singer-songwriter from Idaho. On December 4th 2020, he released his debut track “Grandpa’s Truck”. We took a listen and here’s what we thought!

Official audio (Courtesy of YouTube)

A sombre start with a pretty cool beat being laid down. This tune doesn’t waste any time getting started. Colt’s vocals are highly impressive from start to finish, complimented at times by an equally impressive backing vocal section. The band is tight and the arrangement never loses its momentum and remains interesting. Listen carefully and you’ll spot a wide array of elements that aids this track in realising its full potential. Composition wise, its solid and when it switches it up, it doesn’t go too crazy – just the right amount. The mix and master of “Grandpa’s Truck” absolutely nails it. It sounds big, powerful and really sets a fantastic impression. This is country, but not as we know it.

If this was in a bar, it’d be top shelf. The fact that this is also a debut leaves our jaws firmly dropped, an incredible start. We can’t wait to hear more! Colt Sterk has well and truly nailed it.

Listen to “Grandpa’s Truck” by Colt Sterk on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

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