Arnold Mitchem – “Solo”

Arnold Mitchem is an artist, where he’s from – we really don’t know. It appears that he’s releasing a song titled “Solo” but we don’t know when. Nothing on his Facebook page or website gives us any idea when this is going to be released but we’ve got it, listened to it and by golly we’re gonna review it. Here goes!

The tune starts out seeming like a Rolling Stones-esque country tune. There’s a cool groove at parts and the places where it drops off and picks up again work very nicely. The band as a whole sound very tight. A good guitar solo starting off just shy of the two minute mark, great twangy tele tones. Superb phrasing and grace in every note played. The lyrics are well written and fit very well into the melody.

What caught us immediately was the “right-side” heavy mix. As we listen through headphones, it seems most elements of this track are panned to the right and its really quite telling. The drums need to be punchier, more compression needed. The vocals are either way too high up in the mix or everything else is too quiet (perhaps the track as a whole is too quiet). Either way some more touches are needed to get this release ready.

Overall, an excellent tune. Not sure when this is going to be released (if ever) but it’s very good.

Follow Arnold Mitchem on Facebook and visit his official website, fingers crossed more info about this song will be available soon!

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