Matty Marz – “Nu Eyes”

Matty Marz is a pop artist/producer. On March 12th 2021 he released a new quad single (we guess that’s technically an EP, but we digress) titled “Nu Eyes”. The release features four versions of the song, two explicit and clean versions and the same but “rock remixes”. Well we’ve listened to it all and here’s our review.

The track begins with a nice little intro, it gets started shortly after. This sounds massive, we’re all here for that. A lot of character throughout this song which is a nice touch, the pre-chorus reminds us of Mr Brightside (somewhat) but Matty does it his own way which gives it a personal touch. There’s moments throughout the tune that has good energy, times where its rolling, drops off and picks up. Never a dull moment here, oh no. The mix is superb, almost four-dimensional in its quality. Elements carefully scattered throughout that makes it interesting, at no point was our attention lost. They say time moves fast when you’re having fun, and it certainly sped by listening to this.

Very little differences between the rock remixes versus the original, but the differences are noticeable. The rock remix is much more punchier, bordering on pop-punk we’d say. Hard to say which we personally prefer, but variety is the spice of life.

Overall, a good tune. It holds itself up pretty well, excellent production, lyrics are good, vocals work very well. Bass right in the pocket and drums tight as ever. Very, very good effort.

Listen to “Nu Eyes” by Matty Marz on Spotify. Follow Matty on Instagram!

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