RAMONA + the RIOT – “2020”

RAMONA + the RIOT is a band we think are based out of Florida, USA (or so info from their Facebook page seems to suggest). On January 1st 2021, they released a brand new tune titled “2020”. This is a single from their upcoming EP “Law of Contagion”, we’re not sure when this is going be released but according to their Facebook page it is due sometime for release sometime in 2021. Anyway, we’ve listened to “2020” and here’s our review.

Official audio (courtesy of YouTube)

Well, that piano at the start has got a very chorusy honky-tonk vibe going on. We dig that. Vocals come straight in, remarkably impressive. Nice progressions throughout. One thing we will say this sounds like something straight out of a Bond theme (take note MGM). Not a bad thing, oh no – not at all. This is an excellent tune, some elements of the music sound somewhat Winehouse-esque which, at least for these folks, works. The composition flows very nicely. Mix is pretty good, nothing too mind-blowing. Despite the buildups, this is a very chill tune. Decent runtime too, perfect for radio play.

Very little to fault with this tune, excellent effort. We like it!

Listen to “2020” by RAMONA + the RIOT on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook and be sure to visit their official website!

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