Steve Ryan – “Movin’ On”

Steve Ryan is a smooth Pop, R&B, Rock Singer-Songwriter. On May 18th 2018, he released a single titled “Moving On” which features two versions of the track “Movin’ On” – one ‘Electrosoul Mix” and another “Funkmix”. We took a listen to both and here’s our take!

Well this certainly wastes no time in getting started, both versions start pretty much the same. The only noticeable difference between the two versions is – it sounds almost as though the “funkmix version” is a tad more stripped back. There are certain times within the track where it starts to sound a little chaotic and loose. For this kind of sound to work, typically folks will try and get tight and in the pocket and where it falters, it collapses. There’s no doubt that Steve Ryan’s vocals have great potential, but in both versions he just (narrowly) misses the mark. Lyrics being crammed into a simple melody doesn’t bode well for the rhythm.

The mix of both tracks is okay, not bad but not great either. A few elements panned hard left-right but it sounds two-dimensional. “Movin’ On” is a good effort but it just doesn’t do the trick for us.

Listen to “Movin’ On” by Steve Ryan on Spotify. Visit his official website!

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