Steve Ryan – “Proud of Me”

We’ve covered Steve Ryan in our previous article. Well we’re here to tell you that we have it on good authority that the man himself is releasing a brand new track on April 6th 2021 titled “Proud Of Me”. We’ve had an exclusive chance to listen to this tune before it drops and here’s the review.

This is full blown cheese. The vocals, much like his other track we’ve covered, hold up well. It’s just the rest of it that seems like a total parody of itself. The start kicks right off, it appears Steve here just isn’t a fan of intros or endings. Interestingly enough, the song progresses quite smoothly and the mix is okay. Maybe for people who suggest “music isn’t really” their thing, this might be somewhat passable. For us it really needs a producer – or if there was one, a better one. There is nothing inspiring about this track. A lot of meat but no bread (metaphorically speaking).

This needs to go back to the drawing room, pronto. It could be so much better.

Visit Steve Ryan’s official website for more information.

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