Brad Byrd – “State Line”

Brad Byrd is an artist based out of LA, USA. On March 5th 2021, he released a brand new single titled “State Line”. We took a listen to the new tune and here’s our review!

Brad Byrd | State Line | Official Audio Teaser (courtesy of YouTube)

Clocking in at almost eight minutes, this tune is epic. Seldom few could get away with such a long run time but here it is worth every second. The track begins slowly, solemnly – this lasts for about three minutes before building up and kicking off. That kind of feel, certainly for this track, absolutely works and it was from around the five-minute mark that we knew that Brad has totally nailed it with this track. Everything sounds great, the mix and master is perfect. Nothing here is too high (or low) in the mix. A broad range of tones from the guitar provide a beautiful colour palette of sonic textures which makes this, perhaps, one of the top listening experiences we’ve covered so far (oh yeah, we went there).

Overall, if you’re a fan of Pink Floyd-esque sounding music – you’ll be right at home. If you’re a fan of other genres, give this a chance – your head will blow up. We’re still picking pieces off the walls.

Listen to “State Line” by Brad Byrd on Spotify. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram and visit his official website!

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