Beyond Here – “New Dangers”

Beyond Here is an alt-rock band based out of Nashville, TN. On January 1st 2021, they released their debut EP titled “New Dangers”. We took a listen and here’s our thoughts!

“New Dangers” is a fantastic debut. From start to finish, there is a wealth of energy that takes you along a short journey. No track goes over the three and a half minute mark – honestly this band could’ve gotten away with one or two tracks hitting, or going slightly over, four minutes. The sound as a whole could be described as better British Indie, which is odd given the fact the band is from the States. This EP has been produced to a very, very high standard. Even at a basic level, you can tell this just by the way each track flows after the other. The production of the tunes is outstanding, big energy all around coupled with music that is captivates our interest.

No two songs are the same, you will find as we did, which you would think is an easy thing to do but a lot of artists find this rather difficult – Beyond Here totally nailed it. At times it did sound as though the lead singers voice was about to give out but then it didn’t, really that worked for them.

We couldn’t recommend this enough. This is an absolutely marvellous release.

Listen to “New Dangers” by Beyond Here on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and be sure to check out their official website!

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