DRAWING ARROWS is a band with members from Spain, the UK and Australia. On March 26th 2021 they released their debut three-track EP titled “Rojo”. We took a listen and here’s our review!

The EP begins with “No Remedy”. A full on, indie extravaganza choc full of compression. It’s as loud as it is big, now that’s pretty rock n roll. Got a bit more of a Zeppelin-y vibe for the intro before going full Muse later on. A wild fusion of different bands that give this track its own unique charm, the runtime seems long enough.

Track two is “Siren”. This one is a bit ambitious with a 6/8 groove. At this point we start to notice that the overall mix is oversaturated and there’s not a lot of breathing room between the various elements that we’re not quite sure is there or not. A decent enough tune, not really that interesting – other than the time signature. It’s kind of cool, just not feeling totally inspired by it.

Last tune is “The Genius” – an interesting title. Now this track is very cool, there’s a lot of movement with this song. Musically – this is the most solid track, almost everything works. The guitars sound amazing, bass rolling nicely, drums punchy. There’s one thing – the Radiohead style vocals just aren’t cutting it with this tune we’re sad to say. Despite this, we’d say this is our favourite track off the (thre)EP.

Overall, this is actually quite a good starting point for these folks. We’re very interested to see what happens next and where they go from here. The mix and master of this release, however, is far too saturated for our liking which brings it down for us. Though, on the nose – a very good effort.

Find your way to listen to “Rojo” by DRAWING ARROWS here. Follow them on Facebook.

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