Fredo Viola – “My New Head”

Fredo Viola is a singer, composer and audio-visual artist. He is set to release a brand new album titled “My New Head” on April 9th 2021. We’ve taken an exclusive listen to this release and here’s our review!

This album has been described as “Psych/Chamber pop/Experimental”. We can totally hear why. Perhaps we don’t understand this kind of music, however it is incredibly difficult to listen to. It doesn’t really get going until track three “Waiting For Seth”. There’s a cool transition out of the avant-garde-ness in the previous track “Pine Birds” where there’s a tonne of brilliant vocal harmonies and some brass going on. It’s moments like that which give the album a tonne of great moments. However, if you’re not really into artsy stuff, you probably won’t like this album.

Each track provides its own unique listening experience, however there is a formula underneath that’s very apparent – you’ll just have to listen very carefully when this comes out to spot it. In terms of the mixing and mastering – it sounds clear and as big as a bright summer’s day though maybe not to the same extent.

A very ambitious release which we’re certain will stand out, for better or for worse.

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