The Pink Dust – “Dark Seas”

The Pink Dust is an American alt-rock band made up of Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums) and Cliff Littlefield (vocals, bass and guitar). On April 30th 2021, they are set to release a brand new album titled “Dark Seas”. We’ve listened to the album and here is our review.

“Dark Seas” is truly phenomenal, this is alt-rock but not as we know it. There is a wide variety of sonic textures scattered across each track that gives every composition its own character. This is a an exceptional journey of music which we’re grateful to have the experience to listen to. Brilliant energy can be found in tracks “Evermore” and “We Are Stars”. Primarily, the vibe is almost Synthwave but rather than shredding guitars 24/7 we are met with incredibly tasteful performances as each second of this album flows by. The vocals are exceptional, the stylings and sound fitting in every way.

The album is produced, mixed and mastered to perfection. A lot of breathing room for the textured treasures to blossom like an audible bouquets in Spring. This is certainly a release you do not want to miss. For fans of music across all genres, check this out when it drops!

Pre-order the album by visiting this link!

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