The Silent Boys – “Last Time”

The Silent Boys is an “indie P!O!P! RVA Band”, according to their Instagram. Their Twitter suggests they are from Richmond, VA – so we’ll go with that! Anyway, they released a single titled “Last Time” on March 20th 2020. We took a listen and here’s our review!

Contrary to the band’s name, these folks are anything but silent! This track feels and sounds like a more interesting version of The Smiths (yeah, we went there). It flows along nicely enough, an easy listening experience for sure. The drums aren’t punchy in this, but it kind of works. There’s clarity between the sections, it is tight enough for what they’re clearly going for but loose enough that its the audio equivalent of a cloud. Nothing really sticks out for us though, this is the kind of track we’d probably stick in the background outside on a nice day. Despite this, we found ourselves nodding along. A very nice tune indeed.

Overall, a decent track which is very nice on the ears.

Listen to “Last Time” by The Silent Boys on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and visit their official website!

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