Colin Roy Monette – “Lucky*”

Colin Roy Monette is an artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At some point, he’s set to release an album titled “Lucky*”. We couldn’t find anything on the website to suggest when, but fingers crossed soon! We took a listen to this album and here’s our review.

There is a lot to love about “Lucky*”, this is a rock/blues album for sure but more roots rock than anything else. The album can be described as an exceptional showcase of songwriting and talent in terms of guitar playing, the vocals hold up nicely – though the main staying point is the resonator old-school slide. Without a doubt, with tracks like “Aurora Borealis Blues” (not localised entirely within our kitchen – fans of The Simpsons will get that), “Foolish Man” and “Hills of Sage” there is a lot to enjoy here. The compositions are tight, righteous and easy to listen to. This album is a superbly produced, mixed and mastered audible art-piece.

Call This Music? Yes, yes we do.

We highly recommend you hear this whenever it comes out. In the mean time, be sure to check out Colin’s website!

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