THRILLCHASER is a indie pop band from Providence, RI. At some point they are set to release a brand new album titled “It Was Gonna Be Like This”, we don’t know exactly when this will be despite searching through their social media and scouring through all available sources. Anyway, we’ve been sent a track from this album titled “Fantasy”. We took a listen and here’s the review!

From the start it’s clear these folks are going down the Synth-pop 80s revival. The track itself doesn’t waste much time in getting started. The production is pretty good, to a professional industry standard but that’s about it really. The only element to this track that really stood out for this track was the vocals but even then, you don’t hear much of it. Synths that sound cheap, drum samples you can hear in any other synthwave track. The choruses are ridiculously short, if you came waiting for a hook – don’t blink you’ll miss it. This composition encompasses a bunch of pop clichés which on face value sound more like an audible panic attack than a well rounded piece of music. Even at just shy of three minutes, this is boring.

For us? No thrill here, despite the chasing. For you? Listen for yourself when it comes out and make up your own mind. Follow THRILLCHASER on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also visit their official website here!

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