Aint Afraid – “Ain’t Afraid”

Aint Afraid is an artist group & movement dedicated to “empowering, inspiring and motivating people all over the world”. On March 19th 2021, they released a brand new album titled “Ain’t Afraid”. We’ve taken a listen to the album, and here’s our review!

Bonnie and Bonnie (Bestfriend) | Official Music Video | Courtesy of YouTube

The twelve track album boasts an array of exceptional tunes. Right after “Intro”, it gets going with “Rover and Benz” and this is where you get to hear just how fantastic these folks are. Just on the way each track goes into the other, you know that Aint Afraid means business – and business is good. Tracks such as “Basic”, “Smile Today” and “Highkey How It Be” are just some of the examples we’d recommend just to hear the stellar levels of production showcasing the talent that is within this group.

LBP ft Ventaged | Aint Afraid (official music video) courtesy of YouTube

At no point during the runtime of this album did we feel it ever fell flat. Indeed, one could only describe this album as a series of masterpieces with fine brushstrokes of sonic textures layered throughout to compliment the vocalists’ performances. Highs when you need them, lows where you want them. “Ain’t Afraid” is sure to be one of the musical highlights of 2021, and it’s only April!

Listen to “Ain’t Afraid” by Aint Afraid on Spotify. Be sure to follow them and visit their official website all in this link!

Rover and Benz official music video (Courtesy of YouTube)

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