Because Villains – “YES”

Because Villains is a rock “project” led by musician and songwriter Travis James. April 13th 2021 saw the release of a three-track EP (or 3P) titled “YES”. We’ve taken a listen and here is our review!

Official Audio for “The Feeling” by Because Villains (Courtesy of YouTube)

YES by name, yes by nature. They say three is a magic number, well in Because Villains’ case that is certainly true. Despite the short runtime of the overall release, there’s plenty to love about this. As we listen, we can hear the depths of Travis’ creativity and vision when it comes to this music. A lot of time and certainly loads of effort has been put into this. In every track, the guitars are perfect, the drums hit like they’ve been wronged (that’s a good thing, by the way), basses firmly in the pocket and vocal performances that evenly match the compositions of which it sits upon. The mix and masters of the tracks is possibly the best we’ve heard in quite some time. Nothing peaks, everything balanced out just right in a way that really paints quite an array of extraordinary sonic pictures.

From the starting gun of “There Is Us” through to the end of “The Feeling”, no minute is wasted, no second spared. Where there is big energy, it’s massive. Nice.

Listen to “YES” by Because Villains on Spotify. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit the official website!

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