Phil Robinson – “Transcendental Cowboy”

Phil Robinson is a singer-songwriter from New York. He has released a brand new single titled “Transcendental Cowboy” in support of the #SaveOurStages campaign. We’ve taken a listen to the track and here’s our review.

The track kicks off immediately, wasting no time – that’s for sure. The song itself is silly, and seems like a whole bunch of fun for those into this kind of thing or people watching this performed live – so that’s a bonus. In terms of the recording, the acoustic guitar is way, way too high up in the mix and far too loud overshadowing Phil’s vocals. Perhaps Phil’s vocals may need to be turned up. Phil is an exceptional harmonica player which you’ll get plenty of in this tune. The backing vocals in it are quite a nice touch, a call and response he’s got going here – again, fun. What is a shame, is that this seems like a rushed job and it, sadly, suffers from this.

Perhaps a bit more time spent mixing and mastering this would polish this off to a better standard, as it is – it falls somewhat short, which is a shame since there is a LOT of potential to this tune.

You can listen to “Transcendental Cowboy” by Phil Robinson on Bandcamp. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Learn more about NIVA (the folks behind the #SaveOurStages campaign) and consider donating to their campaign here.

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