Sugar Addikt – “Shackles”

Sugar Addikt is an electronic duo from the Seattle Area in the USA. Formed of Vanessa Littrell (vocals) and Bo Littrell (Instruments & Sound Design), they released a brand new EP titled “Pheonix” on April 22nd 2020. We’ve listened to their tune “Shackles”, from the release, and here’s our review!

Official audio (Courtesy of YouTube)

The track begins with some keys playing a chord progression with vocals coming in not too long after. It doesn’t take too long for it to get going, we reckon with this sort of music you really don’t waste any time and these folks certainly don’t – which is nice. The broad range of electronic textures throughout the tune is certainly impressive since they’re blended together very well within the mix. The beat is reminiscent of something we’d expect from the 90s but with the variety of modern tones of other elements, it’s a nice fusion between the old and new – something different. Where this track falls flat is certainly the vocals, not Vanessa’s performance – that’s quite good. The vocals sound as though they were recorded with some-sort of built in, or cheap, microphone – which is a shame. Sometimes the vocals pop and you can hear it peak in certain places which brings this tune down a notch – perhaps a better microphone/interface or whatever would have served them better.

Overall, “Shackles” is a passable Electronic tune – a solid beat and overall a very tight track. The mix and master is okay except for the quality of the vocal recordings (once again, the performance was good). For fans of electronic music, this might be something you’d dig but for other fans – your guess is as good as ours. Definitely worth a spin or two though!

Listen to “Shackles” by Sugar Addikt on Spotify. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit their official website!

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