Jeff Goldsmith – “That Witch…”

Jeff Goldsmith is a composer, musical sound designer, engineer and producer. On May 28th 2021, he is set to release a brand new track titled “That Witch…” – we took a listen and here’s the review!

This can only described as one helluva rollercoaster ride. At 7 minutes long there’s plenty for any music supervisor to take their shot at. There’s no traditional structure here, the track starts and quite softly before kicking it up not just one notch but several – before calming right back down at about one and a half minutes in. Where a nice performance on a piano with some pretty nice vocals kicks right in. Starts to get into a bit of a swingy-jazz vibe just shy of the three minute mark, which was awesome. Excellent groove there. It goes absolutely mad not too long after where it just kicks off for the rest of the song until it calms right back down again. Wild.

Overall, this was pretty jarring in places for us. Where it calmed down it was pretty cool, especially with the swing vibe roughly mid-way. A fusion of genres in seven minutes we felt. Musos may really dig this, others may struggle a little bit. A good effort nonetheless, artsy avant garde for sure.

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