Maya Wagner – “Closeted”

Maya Wagner is an artist originally from New Jersey, USA. Maya is set to release her debut EP “Closeted” on June 25th 2021, we’ve taken a listen to the title track and here’s our review!

This tune doesn’t waste any time in getting started, a lot of lovely elements scattered to build this. A lot of themes lyrically surrounding love, forbidden somewhat in these circumstances. Coupled with the excellent music, you can hear exactly how carefully produced this track is – to an exceptional degree. There’s a whole lot of feeling here, “Closeted” is a deeply meaningful track and as each second goes by we feel connected to what Maya is trying to tell us. She’s telling her story and we’re here for it. The track is shy of four minutes and with the musical content of it, it’s a perfect run time. A very satisfactory experience, mixed and mastered to absolute perfection.

Overall, a 10/10 certified banger and we very much look forward to the EP’s release to hear more of Maya. Bravo!

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